Nourish your skin!
About Yelloflora

Thanks for joining us in a celebration of beautiful, healthy skin!   Here at Yelloflora we don’t do make-up, we only make nourishing, good-for-you products for your skin and hair.  Our products use high quality natural oils, extracts and emollients full of vitamins and nutrients that are renowned for softening, smoothing and soothing your skin and scalp. 
Natural products that you and your skin will love

I'm  a chemist.  I started formulating natural, artisanal creams and lotions for my own use a few years ago because I like products that are all natural but I didn't care for the texture, feel and smell of many of the natural products on the market.  I also wanted to make products that didn't have a lot of the biggest cosmetic filler - water.  I wanted to treat myself to all the benefits of honest to goodness, nourishing natural ingredients in elegant, luxurious products that looked pretty, smelled happy and made me feel great!  So I made Yelloflora.
​Products that look and smell like happiness

Yelloflora products are fragranced with essential oil blends that help elevate your mood and uplift your spirit. The properties of essential oils are well known. They have been used for many years in aromatherapy, a holistic method of caring for the body.  I chose the name Yelloflora because for centuries the color yellow has symbolized optimism, revelatory enlightenment, happiness, hope, friendship, wealth and creativity.   It's a color that invites communication and stimulates the mind.  And like flowers, yellow makes just about everyone smile! 

Honest Goodness

We can't wait to share the goodness of Yelloflora with you!  Our products are formulated in small batches and use natural preservatives and no artificial dyes.  I also made some products that do not include animal fats or alcohol for my friends who prefer cosmetics made without those ingredients. Our waterless products are rich and nourishing but they aren't heavy - they absorb right into your skin instead of sitting on top and feeling greasy. And yes, we also make creams and lotions full of good, high-quality ingredients that are designed to hydrate your skin par excellence!  I'm always trying out new formulas too so let me know what kind of products you'd like to have!  

Please try some Yelloflora today!

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